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Dream For a Druid, Ruela, 2009

Classwar karaoke – 0007 survey

This is titled as 12 Dead Hens At Ipatiev House, and features the film work, images and texts of twelve talented contributors, all of whom deserve your undivided attention:

Adrian Beentjes/David Cunliffe (UK)... No Concept;
Anthony Donovan/Jaan Patterson (UK/Germany)... Ashes to Books [Fire to Words];
Autotistic (UK)... F Mix 1 – 1;
Fonik (UK)... Faust Excerpt;
Inferno Speedgown (Canada)... Yearbook;
Lezet (Serbia)... Composition For Ten Hands;
Murmurists (UK)... Goya Moog For Ray Johnson;
Pixyblink (USA)... – 1;
Post Abortion Stress (USA)... Bitten By a Spider;
Ruela Pinho (Portugal)... Dream For a Druid;
Sean Reynard (UK)... Humanman;
Seesar (UK)... Limited Sight Trailers.

Please view images and texts via the classwar karaoke myspace –
here; in the pics and blog sections, respectively; whilst the films can be viewed via the youtube page – here. This fine survey was curated and realised by Adrian Beentjes and myself. Thanks to Ad for all his hard work.

Anthony (

Dream for a Druid, Ruela, 2009

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